Thursday, February 19, 2009


Alas! I’ve failed again
Not worthy to grace the rain
In my private life
I’m surrounded by Damocles’ knife
Yeah, I do see bright lights
But then after this tight sight,
It should be time to fall over again
And then say I’ve failed again

Considering all aspects of life
Especially when taking a big dive,
It crumbles to the start then
We say we’ve failed when
Our lives crumbles, our fame fades
And we lose our aces and jades
Hearing that sound of game over down the lane,
We say we’ve failed again

Hi failures and fellas,
I send this to your faxes and tellers
Whenever you climb a ladder and fall,
Carefully lean that ladder on the wall
Find another ladder
And see joy fill your bladder
And now, you’ll say “we haven’t failed have we?”But know that this was brought from yours faithfully

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