Sunday, February 15, 2009

just one night

(Joromi the wrestler)

Just one night,
He had fought in the allies
He won quite alright,
That was the beginning of his worries.

He thought being a wrestler would do
Even with his strong tough skin
Just as he thought and knew,
He was the one on the winning team

He became too full of himself
He was an instrument of pride
There wasn’t a god beside himself
Death was taking him for a ride

He found himself in the middle of the Earth
Surrounded by lots of spirits
They begged for a tournament
He agreed for he’s got the beats

He defeated them all
Yes, he never losses a fight
Then he heard the seven headed spirit’s call
Death said it was alright

They went into battle
Hope seemed far from his side
Then in seconds so little,
Joromi seemed to have died

Just one night
He had had his calling
Just one night,
He had had his ending.


Piracy has gone round
To everywhere things are found
Taking a good look at me
Will say I can’t be two or three
So why is there
A miming me who is rare
And sometimes hard to see
Though, he doesn’t have a complexion as me

He pirates every move I make
So fast even without a break
A dark mischievous creature
That sometimes walks in my favour
He plays dirty tricks on me at night
At a point, I began liking him right
He follows me even to the meadow
So, I named him my shadow.

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