Thursday, March 12, 2009

DOOM 1 (total destruction)

This is where I had awoken
It looks so far from home
I must quickly get going
But what cardinal point is this zone
Is it that I’ve left my dwelling?
Or could I still be at home

Darkness engulfs the earth
The sun refuses to give light
The stars are weak and faint
No more are the buildings of height
The air possesses an awful scent
Not at all is a single flash of light

Getting deeper into darkness
I know I should be the only soul here
This world is such a mess
I’m so filled with fear
Below my belt, I can feel the wetness
Would somebody get me out of here?

The smokes now subsides
Could this be a dream?
It seems like a monster hides
And with the lights so dim,
This monster begins to ride
Thus, the earth starts rocking.

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so what?
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